Zvov trio

Zvov members are Maya Felixbrodt, viola, Shaya Feldman, bass, and I. We are an international trio based in The Netherlands and Belgium.  We grew out of Zvuv trio, which began in 2014, and have evolved into a platform for us interdisciplinary musicians — performers, composer, and improvisers to create genre-blurring performances.

Two projects I would like to highlight are the “Zvov Sensory” project and “Babel” project.

By shutting down one of our senses, the brain starts to replace the impulses with imagination and becomes more alert to other senses. This performance invites the audience to enter a space of imagined reality, led by sounds and sensory experiences. You’re welcome to come unprepared.
“Zvov Sensory” was premiered in Koninklijk Conservatory Spring Festival 2015, The Hague. The concept was created as a collaborative project of Zvuv String trio and KC Composition department, with composers Yvonne Freckmann and Liisa Hirsch.

Our “Babel” project, which is completely different from the Sensory performance, is a highly-visual, energy-packed show of dada meets cabaret. Gibberish, catchy songs, nonsense, and a healthy dose of fun! We are proud to have recorded our first album titled “Babel”, and more information on the release is coming soon!


Zvov preparing for a “Babel” show!

Zvov’s activity focuses on:

  • Multi-stylistic musical approach (Contemporary music, Text, game pieces, improvisation etc.)
  • Performance-improvisation-composition
  • Interdisciplinary concepts
  • Interactivity with new audiences
  • Music-theater and multimedia creation
  • Site-specific performance
  • Embodiment within context
  • Unusual concert settings
  • Cross-media/genre collaborations
  • The individual and the collective character of members

for more information and bookings, please visit zvovtrio.com